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ODF Unit Box


Product Description:

TYGB ODF unit (Optical Fiber Splice Distribution box) is specially designed for optical

fiber communication equipment room. It has the function of cable fixation, protecting fiber

cable terminating, wiring, distribution and protection of fiber cross and pigtails.


Metal plate unit box structure, made of 1.2mm cold rolled Steels.

19’’ standard installation, good versatility.

Complete modular design and front operation.

Plenty room for patch chord storage, high capacity, high density, convenient for

combination and dilatation

* Full enclosed structure with hidden pigtails

* Good appearance and dustproof performance

The unit box integrates fiber fusion, splicing, wiring, distribution, into every

single splice tray.

The splice tray can be pull out separately, satisfying the operation in or out of

the box.

Double-layered and front-facing operation

Available in FC/SC/ST duplex LC adapters

Complete bending radius control

Sufficient space for storing redundant fibers

Reliable protection over optical fibers, pigtails and splicing points


Note: 12cores=1U, 24cores=2U, 48cores=3U, 72cores=4U, 96cores=6U,

144cores = 8U. (1U=44.5mm)




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